The Basics

Hello blogosphere!

I’m excited to start this virtual journey – it’s something I’ve been wanting to do, and here I am finally making it happen!

So who am I? Courtney Schaffer –– fashion & food obsessed girl living in good old Raleigh, North Carolina.

Ok, quick bio–
I’ve basically lived in Raleigh my whole life (grew up in Wake Forest…pretty much the same thing). And I’ve literally wanted to be a fashion designer since I was 10…and ya know what? I’m making it happen. Fast forward…went to North Carolina State University’s College of Textiles for fashion design, loved it, graduated in 2012, interned and worked for Shawlsmith London as their Textile Designer (amazing experience), and now I’m doing a little freelance work and trying to make my dreams and goals a reality.

I’ve got an amazingly supportive family (shout out to my Mom, Dad, and little bro Luke) and a rocking group of friends. Oh yea…and one incredible boyfriend, Zack Hardy. We’re high school sweethearts (everyone say “awww”).

Well, that’s me in a super brief synopsis, but we’ll continue to get to know each other.

SOOO what’s up with this blog? And don’t forks go on the left? I’m glad you asked. I want to inspire you to be different. No more cookie cutter fashion or food (unless you’re using cookie cutters to make some really awesome cookies…I approve). Don’t be afraid to take risks. Try new recipes. Experiment with your clothes. Be ready for some fantastic foods & fashions. Put your forks on the right!
Are you with me?!

XO – Courtney

sunglasses [rayban clubmasters] – scarf [shawlsmith london] // chai latte cupcake with vanilla bean frosting [homemade] // strabenero sling [buku] // scarf [shawlsmith london]


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