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If you don’t have a fur vest (or faux fur like mine), you should definitely invest in one. It’s basically like wearing a snuggie in public…except it’s socially (& fashionably) acceptable. And you’ll find yourself wearing it all the time when the weather is colder. I mean, I feel like I can’t turn on the news lately without hearing about another winter storm somewhere…and currently that storm is right here in NC! We’ve been hit with a lot more snow than normal (generally one snowflake in our area and the entire city shuts down and people suddenly forget how to operate a vehicle so you can imagine what’s happening right now with several inches of snow and an ice storm).

Besides the snow/ice storm we are in the midst of, this week also presents one of the most loved & most hated holidays: Valentine’s Day. Throw on your fur vest for a date with that special someone or a girl’s night out. Even if you decide to stay in, it can be your perfect date to cuddle with while you eat your take-out and surf the TV looking for something to watch besides a sappy love story (good luck). I love to pair mine with plaid or stripes, but you can absolutely dress it up (like a long sleeve black dress with some leather and/or lace detailing). See, it’s a very versatile piece.
XO – Courtney

vest [the limited – but loving this ] // top [the limited ­– similar here// scarf [shawlsmith london, my design] // pants [the limited// shoes [urban outfitters – love these// 
bracelets [assorted – stella & dotmadewell]

[photo credit: zack hardy]

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