Frappy Hour

Believe it or not but I don’t like coffee. I know what you’re thinking – shocking…weird…unhuman. But one thing we can all probably agree on is a love for Starbucks…and a hate for it’s prices. I don’t know about you, but I live for Frappuccino Happy Hour­ – that brief time of year when Starbucks offers frappuccino’s for half off. YUM! Well good news…now every hour can be Frappy Hour! I recently discovered a recipe for a homemade version of Starbucks’ Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino and it is seriously delish (recipe below!). 
I know we’re in the midst of winter and a cold drink might be the last thing you want, but here in NC, the forecast is calling for some warmer days at the end of this week (I’m talking 60s-70s! Crazy NC weather…didn’t it snow half a foot a few days ago?!) So let’s all pretend that spring is here and have some fun with this recipe…maybe by adding cookie pieces (oreos or thin mints perhaps?!) or mixing it up with different flavors (pumpkin with chocolate is always a win). Or for all you coffee lovers out there, adding coffee would be an option.
How will you enjoy your endless frappy hour?
XO – Courtney



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