Finding Neverland

Growing up has its perks, but don’t we all wish we could have a day to be a child again? Adulthood comes with some great benefits….but I think every positive has a negative. Let me break it down briefly:
Pro: Freedom!
Con:Responsibilities. Bills. Etc.
Pro: You buy your own groceries now, so eat what you want. Mom can’t say “No” to that 
        snack you’re craving.
Con: You have to buy your own groceries now…and you have to say “No” to yourself cuz 
        that snack will make you fat…guess Mom knew what she was talking about.
Pro: Margaritas. Wine. Alcohol. A whole new world of flavor coming your way.
Con: A whole new word enters your vocabulary: hangover.
Now I’m not saying growing up is bad, it’s just another adventure of life, but we’ve all got to remember to embrace our inner child every now and then. I think one of the simplest ways to do this is through what you wear.  Start with some good old classic Chuck Taylors (yes, they are still a huge trend, but who isn’t reminded of there childhood when they slip on a pair of Chucks?). Up next for me: an overall inspired dress. Lucky for us, overalls are popping up everywhere this spring. I haven’t found a pair that I love on myself yet, but this overall-esque dress did the trick. And of course I layered my look with a chambray top. Now, for the icing on the cake, make sure you throw on a whimsical accessory. For me, that was a pair of bold, heart-shaped sunnies.
How do you “get in touch with your inner child?”
XO – Courtney

dress [target, similar here] // tank [h&m] // top [the limited] // shoes [chuck taylors] // sunnies [love these]

[photo credit: zack hardy]


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