Last But Not Least

Coming to you for the last time in NC. That’s right…this will be my last post before the big ole move to California. That means I’ll be taking next week off for the move, but you can follow me on instagram if you want to keep up with all my pics from the road.

This outfit seemed to fit the theme of this blog. Remember how I had all that fabric that I needed to get rid of? (If you don’t, you can read all about my “sew it or trash it” rule HERE.) Well, I did it. I used every bit of fabric and made several pieces of clothing, and this was the last little installment of that project. I’ve had this particular fabric for YEARS, and just could never decide what to make with it. Originally, I planned on turning it into a dress, but as I began sewing, the dress wasn’t working for me, so out came the scissors. Viola. Now I’ve got myself an oversized shirt (that feels like heaven, bee tee dubs).

So. Last piece of my “sew it or trash it” project complete. Last blog post in NC complete. See you on the other side…of the country…literally.

XO – Courtney


top [handmade] // pants [the limited] // shoes [toms] // hat [h&m]

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