On the Side: Sweet Potato Fries


Since I’m doing a scarf series for August (if you missed my last post, check it out HERE), I figured I’d do a little food series too, so my next few food posts are gonna be all about the sides (and healthy options at that!).

Sides are like the meal’s accessories. We all know how important a good accessory is in an outfit, and sides are the same way with your meal. A delicious (& healthy) side can take your meal to the next level.

This week I bring you Sweet Potato Fries. The perfect combination of sweet & salty with a wonderful balance of crunchy & soft. Not only are sweet potatoes a healthy choice, but these fries are baked as well. I served them with a Chicken Ranch Wrap, but they would complement a variety of other meals, or even on there own as a snack. And don’t forget the dipping sauce! I love my sweet potato fries with ranch or ketchup. Enjoy!

XO – Courtney

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