Times are a changin’ people. Figuratively. Literally.

Daylight Saving Time ended a week ago and we are all living in darkness. I don’t hate it. In fact (and call me crazy), I like the change. I love seeing the sunset on my drive home. And the fact that it cools down a lot faster (Yay for sleeping with the windows open! Double yay for not need the AC and saving money!).

But I totally get why people hate it: it’s change. And change is just a big, scary word that people hate. Change can be daunting, BUT 2014 has been full of changes for me, so I think I’m starting to embrace/enjoy/need/thrive/etc. on it.

So I’ll take this time change and run with it. LITERALLY.

It get’s dark early? I’ll wear all black.

While I’m at it, I’ll switch up my hair too.

Darker? OK!

Sarcasm aside, I’m loving my new hair. I’m also loving the versatility of my black, waxed denim. Dressed up or down, it never fails me. Today we went for the latter, paired with a comfy sweater (that I can throw on in the early mornings & late evenings), an oversized tee (for the afternoon heat), and a pair of plaid slip-ons (for a pop of color).

 XO – Courtney

sweater [TOBI] // top [urban outfitters] //

pants [the limited] // shoes [converse]


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