Summer Sips: It Takes Two

In my last food post, I showed you an easy cocktail that’s a perfect warm weather treat. Would you believe me if I said that today’s recipes are even easier? Well, they are. And, yes, I did say recipes as in the plural form as in more than one.

Today I’ve got not one, but FOUR drink recipes that will have you playing bartender in no time. The best part? They all only require two ingredients. Of course, you can up your game with a few additional ingredients if you wish.

Up first: the Paloma (above). I’d call this a relative to the margarita. Mix grapefruit soda (Fresca, Jarritos, Crush, etc.) with tequila at a 3:1 ratio and serve on the rocks. Done.
Feeling Fancy? Salt the rim and serve with a lime slice.

Next on the menu: the Kalimotxo (below). Put simply, a Coke sangria. Mix equal parts Coke and red wine over ice and you’re good to go.
Feeling Fancy? Add a squeeze of fresh lemon or orange juice.

Our next drink is the Greyhound (below). 1 part vodka, 3 parts grapefruit juice served over ice and stirred well. Not feeling the grapefruit juice? Substitute it for orange juice and you’ve got yourself another two-ingredient cocktail: the Screwdriver.
Feeling Fancy? Add a sprig of fresh rosemary for an herbal essence.
Want to change it up completely? Salt the rim of the glass and you’ve created a Salty Dog.
Last but not least, a drink we all know and love: Rum & Coke. I figured I’d end it on a classic. Fill a glass with ice, add 1.5 oz of rum, and fill the rest with Coke.
Feeling Fancy? Muddle a lime in the glass before you add the ice. Or just squeeze in some fresh lime juice before you serve it up!


Now I realize I kind of have a theme of flavors between the two grapefruit drinks and the two Coke drinks, but that just means less groceries to buy, and more drinks to serve up! Cheers!

XO – Courtney

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