DIY: The Open-Back Kimono

[continued from DIY: Kimon-oh-yeah]

Let’s get started…


• 1-1.5 yards Fabric
• Scissors
• Needle & Thread OR Sewing Machine
• Pins
• Measuring Tape OR Ruler


1. Fold fabric in half, right sides together.
2. Cut fabric in half so you have two separate, identical rectangles. Hem the side seams on the long sides. You could even go ahead and hem the bottom now too.
3. This is the trickiest step. With right sides together, find the center and pin the two pieces of fabric together. Now, whatever side is going to be the back, measure down about 10″ and sew the two pieces together here. If you fold the fabric in half you should have a front opening and the back should be open at the bottom (hence the name “open back” kimono).
4. With the fabric folded in half, measure down 8-10″ from the side, pinch together and sew. Don’t sew the entire way down, only tack together the front and back. This  creates the armholes but also creates a slit on the sides as well. Do this to both sides.

Now you’ve got yourself a very open kimono with the slits on the back and sides. I think this is the most challenging of the three kimonos, so if you managed this one then you should try the others too. You’re already a pro. Click here to see the rest!

XO – Courtney

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