DIY: Marbled Paper

The past couple months have involved a lot of stationary related things starting with designing Zack & I’s wedding invitations. And designing one of my best friend Megan’s wedding invitations. And the beginning stages of addressing wedding invitations. And creating one-of-a-kind marbled paper (and of course coordinating envelopes) for good old snail mail (which also happens to be today’s DIY). Plus the holiday season will be here before we know it, and these will most definitely be making an appearance in mailboxes near and far.

The best part about this project is it’s pretty much impossible to mess up (and also impossible to predict). You never know exactly how your design is going to turn out. Sure, once you get the hang of it, you will get better ideas of how to achieve certain “looks”  and you’ll make up your own techniques, but no two will ever be the same. It may seem like a long list of supplies and a lengthy set of instructions, but I think you’ll find it to be fun and easy…but also pretty messy…have a roll of paper towels handy and maybe don’t wear your favorite white shirt since you’ll be playing with food coloring.
So roll up your sleeves, read on, and make yourself some marblelous paper (see what i did there?)
• Foam Shaving Cream
• Food Coloring
• Heavy Weight Paper
• Baking Dish
• Plastic Spatula
• Paper Towels
• Metal or Plastic Ruler
• Painters Tape
• Toothpicks (optional)
1. Grab the tape and mask off the back of your paper and/or envelopes. This will ensure you have one pretty and marbled side of the paper, but the other side will stay nice and clean. I would also suggest covering your work area in newspaper as well.
2. In the baking dish, spray a thick layer of shaving cream , and add a few drops of food coloring. Using the rubber spatula, fold the shaving cream to incorporate the color, but DO NOT over mix or you will lose the swirl/marbled pattern.
3. You could start marbling with the paper here, OR add an additional color (or colors) and swirl with a toothpick. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, and don’t worry about what the shaving cream looks like…the magic happens when you add the paper!
4. With paper tape side up, place it onto the shaving cream.
5. Gently press the paper down so that as much of it comes in contact with the shaving cream, but don’t let it sit for too long or the paper will get too wet.
6. Carefully lift the paper off the shaving cream from one corner. Place the paper on a paper towel (shaving cream side up.) Use your ruler to scrape the shaving cream off from one corner to the other.
7. MAGIC! If there is any extra shaving cream, wipe with a clean paper towel. Now just set the paper aside to dry.
8. And repeat. You can add more food coloring to the shaving cream if needed, but this isn’t necessary every time. If the colors get too muddled, simply add more shaving cream. There’s no science behind it…it’s all up to you!
9. When the papers are dry, place them under a stack of heavy books to help flatten them out.

XO – Courtney

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