DIY: Wooden Bead Keychain

These beaded keychains are so simple but I am loving the end result! If you opt to go with colorful or decorative beads, you can whip several of these guys up in a matter of minutes. If you decide to paint some of the beads, you’ll only need to wait for the paint to dry. My suggestion: squeeze in a few minutes of a Christmas movie while you wait. 


• Wooden Beads
• Suede/Leather String
• Scissors
• Paint/Paint Brush
• Key Ring


1. Start by selecting which beads you want to use, and decide if you will paint any.
2. Paint selected beads and set aside to dry.
3. Cut a piece of the leather string and loop onto key ring.
4. Slide beads onto string (once the paint is dry!) and tie a knot at the bottom to keep the beads in place.
5. Trim the leather string to desired length.

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XO – Courtney


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