So I know Christmas was ages ago, but I feel the need to brag on Zack a little bit. He did good in the gift giving the department. I mean, he always does, but especially this year. And I’m only saying this because he tends to stay away from “fashion” gifts (like most guys), but not this year. This year he went for it and hit the nail on the head.

First of all, the shoes. I love TOMS, and I’ve been wanting a pair of “nice” tennis shoes that are not for working out in, so Zack (with his 9+ years of knowing me) put two and two together, and I got the perfect pair of sneakers that will never see the inside of a gym.

Then there’s the scarf. I’d shown him a few plaid scarves that I liked, and from there he found this guy from Madewell. Love the open weave, and I never want to take if off.
He also got me a backpack (also from TOMS) and a hat (this one) which aren’t featured in this post, but equally amazing. But the real star and final accessory he got me was probably my favorite gift because it was so creative and unexpected: the bracelet. Now, this isn’t just any bracelet–it holds your hairband!! Every girl needs this in her life because we are all victims of wearing ugly hairbands on our wrists and suffering from the terrible indentation it leaves when we remove it. This bracelet makes your hairband an actual accessory PLUS no ugly mark.
So, pretty spoiled on my end. And about to get even more spoiled since I officially kicked off my birthday festivities last Friday night. I’m one to celebrate my birthday for an entire week, but this year it seems that the celebration will be a little longer. My actual birthday is this Saturday, and I’ll be celebrating in NC with my family and friends (and possibly a snow storm…not sure how I feel about that). But I won’t just be celebrating my birthday. My best friends/maids of honor are throwing my bridal shower that day too! And on top of that Zack surprised me with a pretty amazing gift, but more to come on that in another post because with Zack’s movie wrapping up and my visit to NC, I don’t actually get the gift until I get back to LA in February. And since you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m sure you are extremely confused, but it is going to be worth the wait (for me to experience and you to read about).
XO – Courtney

dress (urban outfitters) // scarf (madewell) // shoes (toms) // 
bracelet (bittersweet) // bag (the limited)
[photo credit: zack hardy]

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