Lemonade + Leap Day

Today’s recipe is basically lemonade for adults. It’s a super easy recipe that will put you right in the summer spirit if you’re still suffering from winter. If your here in SoCal, we’ve said bye to winter, skipped over spring, and have basically been living in summer all February with temps in the 80s almost everyday.

Another reason for the easy recipe? I haven’t exactly been experimenting with new recipes lately. New restaurants, yes. Like Nobu a couple weekends ago. Amazing. And I finally got around to trying pho, which was delicious. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still cooking, but just my easy, go-to recipes that are quick to fix and quick to clean up.
Maybe after the wedding (which is LITERALLY only 1 month away!) I’ll have a little more time to spend in the kitchen, but today you’re getting a drink. Well, I’m getting the drink. You’re just getting the recipe. And apologizing again because I have a feeling March will be lacking on the blog front. But hey, today’s Leap Day, so I’m gonna seize this extra day for all it’s worth. Cheers to that!

XO – Courtney

Grown Up Lemonande

· 1/2 oz. Limoncello
· 1.5 oz Gin
· 1/2 oz Lime Juice
· Rosemary Sprig
· Ice
· Tonic Water (optional)
1. Combine Limoncello, Gin, Lime Juice, & Ice in a shaker. Shake well.
2. Pour into a glass with fresh ice and add a slice of lime and some fresh rosemary. You may also add tonic water if you would like.
3. Cheers!

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