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Convincing my husband to go to the beach is never an easy task (he’s not a fan of the sun, the sand, or the salt. . .in other words: everything), but for July 4th weekend, we didn’t have any plans and I was itching to go someplace new, so I somehow persuaded him to head down to Laguna Beach with me for the day.

All teasing aside, Zack and I love going on adventures together, and he’s generally game for anything I throw at him. And lucky for us, it ended up being a pretty overcast and fairly cool day, which meant almost no crowds.

Our first stop was Victoria Beach. It’s a very small and secluded beach that’s hidden between beach mansions and winding roads, but if you manage to find the stairs leading down to the beach, you’re in for a real treat. Once you make your way around the rocky cove, you will find an old tower standing tall, surrounded by tide pools, rock structures, and crashing waves. There’s something magical about it, and it reminded me of a castle tower sitting against the cliffs. We wandered around for a bit then found a place to set up our beach towels and read.

As lunchtime rolled around, we headed to The Rooftop Lounge to grab a bite. An Ahi Poke Bowl for Zack, Chopped Lobster Salad for me, and a couple of cocktails as we enjoyed the view of the beach and hills around us.

After lunch, we were off to check out another beach: Crescent Bay. We didn’t stay here long because the tide was coming in, but it was fun to walk along the edge of the water and watch the HUGE waves crash (seriously giant waves. . .I wish the pictures captured them better).

And what better way to end a beach day than with a sweet treat? We stopped at Cauldron Ice Cream to try some liquid nitrogen ice cream and their famous puffle cone (salted caramel for me + mint chocolate chip for Zack). YUM.

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  1. July 19, 2017 / 5:15 pm

    The beach is a great place to meditate. I love the pics, they’re beautiful.

  2. July 19, 2017 / 7:03 pm

    Beautiful photos! Oddly enough, I love how grey and overcast everything is. Also, I am one of those people who found you through WordPress’s instagram! Hello!

    • July 20, 2017 / 7:04 pm

      thank you and welcome! hope you enjoy following along!

  3. July 20, 2017 / 5:43 am

    Love your stuff! I too have trouble convincing my hubs to go to the beach. I’ve always wanted to see that lighthouse too! 🙂

    • July 20, 2017 / 7:05 pm

      maybe you can convince him by planning some other things besides just the beach while you’re there. great restaurants, window shopping and parks too!

  4. July 20, 2017 / 9:48 am

    I love the pictures.nice one

  5. July 20, 2017 / 7:30 pm

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    This was one of the blogs that got me started on mine! So thank you so much! I really appreciate you sharing your passion with everyone, it is a true gift.

  6. July 21, 2017 / 4:59 pm

    Looks like an awesome day! I love Laguna, my husband and I went for the first time this past April. The photos came out great too! x

    • July 21, 2017 / 5:52 pm

      thank you. we had a great time and i definitely want to go back!

  7. July 22, 2017 / 2:43 am

    Your photos are beautiful! It looks like a day well spent. My husband has been dying to take me to Laguna, so hopefully soon we can visit. Thanks for sharing!

  8. July 23, 2017 / 5:40 pm

    Really amazing pictures and great food as well. Thanks for sharing this with everyone

  9. July 24, 2017 / 12:05 pm

    Just like people have already remarked, beautiful pictures, I had no idea about this place, but now I’m keen to go!

    • July 25, 2017 / 3:03 am

      you should absolutely visit if you can! it was so beautiful and surprisingly not very crowded!

  10. July 25, 2017 / 7:13 am

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that has the ‘getting the husband to the beach’ struggle! Beautiful shots and those waffle ice cream cones look delish x

  11. July 25, 2017 / 11:21 am

    Perfect day!!! In the pics I see the heart stone and heart reflection behind the cones! How sweet and what a happy surprise. Thank You for all the lovely pictures. Cheers! 🙂

  12. July 25, 2017 / 2:47 pm

    Love all you pictures. They are beautiful 🙂

  13. July 25, 2017 / 7:42 pm

    Loved reading this article. I love your style of writing and now I want to go and travel. I heard about this place a while back but now it’s like it’s rediscovered for me thanks to your article on it.

  14. July 29, 2017 / 6:14 pm

    AWESOME Adventure/Story!! Check out our blog about adventure!

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