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Happy Valentine’s Day!
What better way to spread the love than with a delicious charcuterie + cheese spread?!

No matter how you plan to spend the day, you cant go wrong with a meat + cheese board, and I’m here to give you tips on how to make your spread the best. (Also, this is perfect for any of you who need a quick + easy last minute idea that’s sure to impress.)

The key to the perfect charcuterie + cheese board is variety. . .in tastes AND textures. Of course you’ll have your meats + cheeses but don’t forget about things that pair well with them like crackers, breads, fruits, nuts, and even jams or drizzles (like honey or balsamic).

My favorites (and pictured):
• Meats: Pepperoni + Salami
• Cheeses: Brie + Burrata (drizzled with honey and/or balsamic glaze)
• Wafer Crackers
• French Bread
• Assorted Nuts (we opted for candied almonds, walnuts, + pecans)
• Fruits: Apple Slices + Grapes
• Olives
Now it’s your turn. There’s so many options, so I like to pick my favorites AND add 1 or 2 new items, like a cheese you’ve never tried or a new jam that you think will pair well with your selection. Then just grab the biggest board you can find and lay out your spread. And don’t forget to take a photo before people dig in!

So what are my Valentine’s day plans? To be honest, Zack + I are probably just gonna order some take out and eat it on the floor of our very empty apartment while watching Netflix or the Winter Olympics. Followed by more packing.

If you missed last week’s post, Zack + I are moving in a few weeks, and you can read all about it here.

XO – Courtney








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