Weekend Chill


Did you know you can drive about 30-45 minutes away from Los Angeles and find yourself in a winter wonderland? Last weekend, a few of us took a little Sunday drive to play in the snow.

This is probably the last little hurrah before Zack + I head off to Europe, and it gave us a taste of the winter weather that will greet us in Budapest. Not gonna lie, if I had to be nervous about one thing, it would be the weather! I’ve turned into a California girl where temperature in the 60s call for sweaters + coats + boots.

Anyway, the drive up (and through) the San Gabriel Mountains was beautiful. I swear there is almost nothing as beautiful as a snow capped mountain. The air was SO crisp, and the sky was SO clear (thanks to all the rain and snow from the week prior).  And the higher we climbed, the lower the temperature dropped. It was about 65ºF at the start, and when we pulled over at a vista point along the way, the temperature had dropped to around 40ºF!

Even the simplest of adventures, like an afternoon drive, can be such a treat, and so different from your normal weekend routine! This was a pretty spontaneous day trip, but made the weekend that much better. It only took a few hours out of the day, but it felt like we truly took a little vacation.

XO  – Courtney








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