Best of February

A-Cover Best of Feb
Another month has come to an end, and it’s time for me to share my “Best of February.” (Started doing this at the end of January which you can check out here.) But before I dive right in, I’m gonna get real for a second.
February was actually a tough month for me, if I’m being completely honest, so I’m ready for March. Do you ever just find yourself in a funk and you cant quite nail down why? Well that was me a lot this month.
While there were plenty of great things that happened, I just had a lot of days where I felt really off. Trying to figure out “what’s next” for me was starting to get to me mentally, and creatively I was feeling very uninspired.
Generally, I find myself to be an optimistic person, but instead of looking at all the positives, I was getting wrapped up in the negatives.
The winter blues are the real deal guys (I should probably take my own advice), but new month, new mindset. I’m going to really try and focus on the positives, instead of dwell on the uncertainties. Praying for clarity, peace, confidence, and also a little warm weather and sunshine.
So let’s end February on a positive note with a few of my favorites from the month.
C-Best of Feb
E-Best of Feb
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Wrapping up now. Slightly longer post, but ya know, maybe someone else out there was feeling this way too. The internet has a way of making you forget that everyone has good AND bad days/weeks/months. Just a reminder that we are all humans with imperfections aplenty. Thanks for letting me share mine.
XO – Courtney

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