Things To Do in Los Angeles this Spring

1 - spring in LA

Happy first day of spring! Is the cold weather behind us? It’s starting to feel like it. Last weekend was absolutely perfect, and it got me thinking about all the things I want to do as the weather is warming up, so I decided to put together a list of some of the great things to do in Los Angeles this spring.
And if you don’t live in or plan on visiting LA this spring, use this as inspiration to create your own bucket list for the season, and share your plans in the comments – I’d love to hear them!
Check out the wildflowers. 
After the rainy winter, it’s wildflower season. Zack and I went to Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve during the 2017 superbloom, and it was amazing. There’s so many places to check them out (see a great list here).
Take a hike.
Specifically one that ends with a waterfall. (Again, rainy winter = waterfalls that aren’t just a trickle.) Here’s the list I plan to use this spring. (Pictured: Eaton Canyon)
Hit the beach
There’s no lack of beaches – just pick one and go!
Visit a restaurant with a rooftop or patio
Zack and I are up for a good rooftop or patio to drink + dine at. A few favorites: Perch, Margot, Culver Hotel, and Salazar (weird website – amazing food + atmosphere). If you’ve got any others, let me know!
Take a day trip 
Sometimes you’ve just gotta get out of town. From LA you’ve got a LOT of options. From Santa Barbara to San Diego and many more – there are so many places you can escape to for a quick day trip.
So really, the theme here is to get away from the screens and get outside!
XO – Courtney
2 - spring in LA


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