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Functional accessories are great. Statement accessories are fun. But when you can manage to have one piece that does both – that’s a winning combination. And that’s how I’m feeling about my Jord watch, unique wood watches made with exceptional craftsmanship.

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These watches are so easy to style – they truly work for so many different lifestyles. I’ve literally gone from wearing mine at work to wearing it on a hike (and everything else in between). And there are so many styles for both men and women to choose from.

For myself, I went with the Fieldcrest watch; a more neutral style that really emphasizes the wood design, but they have plenty of options with a pop of color on the watch face. Not to mention all the different types of wood!

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D.1 - JORD Wood Watches

You can find that statement on their website, and I really love it! It’s a different way to think about time. Not only does Jord offer exceptional timepieces, they also want to emphasize how important it is to make time count.

Sometimes we get so caught up in wishing time away. “I can’t wait for this weekend,” “I wish it was Friday already,” “I can’t wait for my vacation,” etc. And it’s ok to have things to look forward to but life is short and we (myself included) need to learn to appreciate and cherish the present.

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Ok – so I got a little deep there for a second, but it’s honestly so true, and I hope that you all take spend a little more time appreciating and living in the moment. On a lighter note – I’m teaming up with Jord to giveaway a $100 credit towards any Jord watch!


Sharing links to a few more of my favorite styles (including the one I’m wearing) below!

XO  – Courtney

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