Best of July

1 - Best of July

Wow, how is it August already?? I plan on soaking up this last month of a “summer” – still have a few things to check off my summer bucket list! (See GOALS on my instagram highlights for more on that.)

Yes, I know it will still feel like summer until at least October here in Los Angeles, but once September rolls around I just cant help myself – I go full on fall mode. I mean, we already have a weekend planned for our annual apple picking trip!

Anyway – before we start thinking too much about the future, let’s reflect on last month. Here’s my Best of July:

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2 - Best of July

3 - Best of July
Decided to take the plunge and chop my hair off. Partially because I wanted to switch things up, and partially because I decided to start growing my undercut out (wish me luck!). Either way – I’m really loving it.

4 - Best of July

I’ve been putting a little more effort (and money) into skincare products lately. Not that I didn’t have a good routine, but there’s something about turning 30 next year that has me wanting to do a little more.

I started using Versed products about a month ago – I’m obsessed. Clean, cruelty-free, vegan AND affordable. Planning to share more in a blog post later on.

5 - Best of July
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I actually went a little crazy on Amazon last month, but I’m just gonna share some of my favorites. Very random products. Very much approved by me.

Popsicle Molds
These were a must since one of my summer bucket list items was to make popsicles. These work like a charm (see the aperol spritz popsicles I made here) and they’re kinda cute too!

Tea Ball Strainers
Because I only had one strainer before, it wasn’t very good, and I’ve been drinking a lot more loose leaf tea.

Hiking Backpack
Zack and I have done a decent amount of hiking this year, and the bag we were using was so frustrating to carry around. We wanted something that had a place for a water bottle, came with adjustable straps, and was lightweight BUT wasn’t bulky (for storage purposes). This one was a great price, had great reviews, AND folds up very small when you’re not using it! We’ve used them a couple times already and they are exactly what we were looking for.

Foot Peel Mask
My feet just needed a little extra love, and this thing did wonders. I’ve used the Baby Feet brand before and it worked great too but this was a better price and came with 2 pairs!

Threader Earrings
Only thing I have to say about these: I wear them almost everyday now.

And that concludes my Best of July! Share any of your July highlights below.

XO – Courtney

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