Barrettes are Back

1 - Hair Clips
Trends are a funny thing – it seems like almost every style finds its way back. And today’s topic is no different – let’s style our hair like it’s 1999.
Scrunchies, barrettes, butterfly clips – I rocked them all in middle school. Then suddenly they were uncool. (Anyone else remember that Sex and the City episode where Carrie hates on scrunchies?)
Well, they’re all back and chicer than ever!
2 - Hair Clips
3 - Hair Clips
Today I’m talking specifically about hair clips – there are SO many shapes, colors, and sizes available and the styling options are seriously endless. From simple and understated looks to statement styles with oversized barrettes. My personal favorite – mixing and matching different clips!

I’m also TERRIBLE at styling hair. (It was only a couple years ago that I finally forced myself to learn how to curl my hair.) Enter: Hair clips. The simplest way to look like you know how to style hair plus it adds a little extra to your look without much effort. And it’s been great with my shorter hair – since I can’t exactly rock a pony tail these days, barrettes are one way to keep my hair out of my face.

This trend has been around for a bit now, but I think it’s only growing in popularity, so I wanted to share some inspiration for different ways to style.
3 - hair clip inspo

Time to shop. You can find tons of affordable styles at pretty much EVERY store right now, BUT be sure to check out Amazon too – they’ve got some great options and you don’t even have to leave the couch. Here’s few styles you can shop right now.
shoppable hair clip - mixed sets
shoppable hair clip - claws shoppable hair clip - unique
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So what do you think of barrettes and scrunchies. . .and all the other 90s trends that are making a comeback? Comment below.
XO – Courtney

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