It’s Electric: CariPro UltraSonic Toothbrush

1-CariPro Toothbrush
As I’m getting older, I’ve found myself putting a little extra time and money into certain things – skincare, beauty products, hair care, and even oral care. You only get one body, so you’ve gotta take care of it!

I partnered with Smile Brilliant earlier this year and used their teeth whitening system (which is great btw – definitely check it out if you’re looking for an affordable  at-home teeth whitening treatment), so when they told me about their electric toothbrush, the CariPro, I knew I had to give it a try.

2-CariPro Toothbrush

I started using a semi-electric toothbrush about a year ago – at the time I was ready to step up my teeth-brushing game BUT not ready to accept the price point of a full on electric toothbrush. Well lucky for you – the CariPro is an electric toothbrush WITH a pretty affordable price point, and they offer a few different packages, including a couples package.

3-CariPro Toothbrush

And wow – I really didn’t know what I was missing! I was hooked after one use – my teeth felt SO clean. The brush has 5 different settings – clean, white, massage, gum care, and sensitive – and I tried and loved each one for different reasons.

The clean and white setting definitely leave your teeth feeling extra clean while the massage and gum care settings leave your mouth feeling. . .relaxed (really no better way to describe it!). And of course, the sensitive setting is perfect if the clean or white setting are a little too intense.

4-CariPro Toothbrush

A few other things to note about the CariPro: the battery will last for 30 days on a full charge, the toothbrush is waterproof (good for anyone who brushes in the shower), AND Smile Brilliant offers a 60 day trial period – don’t love it? Send it back. (Trust me – you’ll love it.)

5-CariPro Toothbrush

I had no idea how much of a difference an electric toothbrush could make – my teeth feel so much cleaner, especially around my permanent retainer which was always hard to keep perfectly clean until now!

Interested in giving the CariPro a try? You can get 20% off the CariPro Ultrasonic electric toothbrush with my code: 20partyhardyblog. And if that’s not enough, I’ve also teamed up with Smile Brilliant to GIVEAWAY a CariPro Electric Toothbrush to one of my readers. Click below to enter! GIVEAWAY BUTTON

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XO – Courtney

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