Afternoon Tea at The Culver Hotel


Exactly a year ago, Zack and I were actually in London where we had Afternoon Tea at Harrods, and it was seriously the BEST, especially if you’re a tea lover like Zack + I. Now I cant say anything will be better than an afternoon tea in Londonbut the Culver Hotel comes close.  Read More


Perfect Match


From a top + skirt to a jacket + pants, matching two-piece sets put the fun in functional. Ok, that was cheesy, but it’s the truth. Read More

Things to Chai in 2018


Happy 2018! You may want to scroll down to the recipe first, and make yourself a cup of this Chai Hot Chocolate because today’s post is a little longer than usual, AND you may find yourself doing a little reflection and goal setting too. Read More



I think I can count on one hand the amount of cold days we’ve had here in LA (and by cold I mean the high is less than 65ºF). So while I’m still hoping for “winter” to get here so I can comfortably wear all my jackets + sweaters + scarves, most days it’s still short sleeves + sandals. Read More


12.25 Xmas Blog A

It’s time to share our 4th Annual Hardy’s Holiday Card (plus a few outtakes). Wishing you and yours a truly magical Christmas. Read More