What Does the Cowfish Say?

Grab your chopsticks­ – we’re headed to Cowfish! I’ve been dying to eat here since they opened last spring and FINALLY went for my 24th birthday a couple weeks ago. Cowfish is a sushi-burger bar (say what?) and a whole new level of deliciousness. Sure, you could settle for a burger or some sushi…but I’m not about the average. (forks on the right, remember?) 

 A fusion of sushi & burgers. 

Delicious.  Zack & I tried the Deliverance Roll…pulled pork & onion strings rolled up like sushi, tempura battered, and fried. Is your mouth watering yet? I would also recommended their Bento Box – perfect for people (like me) who just cant decide on one thing.

XO – Courtney

picture 1: deliverance roll // picture 2: bento box [tempura shrimp roll – boursin, bacon, & mushroom burger – thai cucumbers – sweet potato fries – edamame]


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