Anytime is Breakfast Time

Who else loves breakfast for dinner? I love breakfast food for any meal, but there’s just something about having it at dinnertime. Maybe because it doesn’t generally require a lof of effort and after a long day, the last thing you want to do is spend hours slaving over a meal. So since you will inevitably be craving breakfast for the rest of your day after reading this, make your Monday a little easier by deciding that tonight’s dinner is gonna be breakfast. 
Key ingredient: Waffle Iron
If you’re on Pinterest then I’m sure you’ve seen posts about the millions of foods you can cook in your waffle iron, and I’m finally getting around to experimenting. Tonight’s menu: Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Waffle Sandwich with Waffle Iron Hashbrowns (recipe below). What better way to turn breakfast into dinner than by creating a sandwich with my favorite breakfast items? And the hashbrowns…just tator tots cooked with a waffle iron! Brilliant. You could even go as far as cooking your eggs and bacon in the waffle iron (seriously…it’s a thing!). 
Such a fun way to use my waffle iron! I plan to experiement with some more ideas (which I will share with you), but if you’re feeling inspired, check this out for some more waffle iron ideas, or maybe even come up with some of your own! And they don’t have to be breakfast related! 

XO – Courtney


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