Spring Flings & Fashion Things

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!
I know most of us have been over this cold weather for a while, but now we can officially be upset if another round of winter hits us because it is officially spring. I can already tell you my go-to outfit this spring/summer is going to consist of cut-off shorts and kimonos. Now, it’s not quite shorts-weather yet (sure, we’ve had some warm days make an appearance, but my ghost legs aren’t quite ready for their debut yet). Now kimonos are another story. I rocked them through the winter with a fitted long sleeve tee underneath, but they make me wish for warm weather and sunshine (and have you checked the forecast for the next few days?!).
Now I’m gonna brag a little for a second, but I actually made the kimono I’m wearing in this blog (and a few others that you will see soon enough, I’m sure).  I love the fabric…it feels like the softest t-shirt material you can imagine, and I dip dyed it too. It was originally all white with the subtle burnout print. And I love that the dye didn’t take to the burnout areas. Ok, moving on now. 🙂 I hope everyone can enjoy the warm weather this weekend, AND let’s all say a little prayer that it hangs around.
XO – Courtney
PS – In case you missed my last post, I designed some smartphone and tablet cases that are now for sale! You should check out my last post HERE and the designs can be purchased HERE (and, YES, they are still 30% off…read all about it).
kimono [handmade] // tank [h&m] // pants [the limited] // shoes [target – similar here] // 
clutch [the limited – similar here] // jewelry [pearl — gift from my mom from Beijing Pearl Market, glass – find during my trip to Murano]

[photo credit: zack hardy]


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