Sunshine Ahead

The forecast is looking good…and I’m not just referring to the weather (although that’s looking pretty promising too!). So many changes ahead…from moving out of my Raleigh apartment (bittersweet) to moving across the country to checking things of my bucket list (While packing up my apartment, I found a list I made around my birthday in January of 24 things I want to do while 24. I forgot about it, but I realized I was able to check a few things off! Now I’m keeping it in a place where I will constantly see!).

Now, even if you think your plans are set in stone, the future has a way of being pretty unpredictable…much like the weather, but I’m ready to ride out any storm that may come my way because I know the sun won’t be too far away. For now, though, I’m gonna grab my jeweled sunnies because things are looking pretty bright.
XO – Courtney

sunnies [KONPLOTT ­– miranda konstantinidou] // sweater [the limited, old] // 
shorts [forever xxi – similar here] // shoes [target, old]

[photo credit: zack hardy]



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