Spring Cleaning & Crafting

Between the chaos of packing & moving (plus we already turned off the cable & internet), I’ve found myself doing a lot of sewing.  And I’ve somehow convinced myself that this isn’t procrastinating (but it is).
I have (had) a trunk FULL of fabric. Overflowing, really. I began digging through everything and made a rather large “keep” pile and an even larger “trash it” pile. I looked at my “keep” pile and knew I had to do a little more downsizing, so two piles became three with a new “sew it or trash it” pile. SEW I told myself (haha…get it? I love puns) I had to make something with this pile before I move, or it’s going in the trash.
Well, I’ve been sticking to that, and this little faux romper is one (technically two) of the results. It’s actually a top and a pair of shorts, so I can wear them as separates too. Love multifunctional clothing.
Getting rid of things can be hard, even something like fabric can sometimes be sentimental, but it feels good to really de-clutter.  Of course a few knick-knacks are making the move, but I’m trying to truly justify everything I pack. Next I’ll be tackling my closet, and I won’t lie, I’m a little terrified, but clothes, for the most part, are replaceable (plus an excuse to shop in the future!), and that’s what I’ll be chanting to myself during that endeavor.
XO – Courtney
top & shorts [handmade] // shoes [old, love these] // belt [old]

[photo credit: zack hardy]

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