Chillin & Grillin

Summer is unofficially here, aka, grilling season. Nothing better than grilling out by the pool…or at the beach…or anywhere for no reason at all. If you’re looking for something new, easy, & quick to try on the grill, then read on.

How about Grilled Pizza?! Even a beginner griller can manage this one. (Seriously…this was the first time I used a grill…with my Dad’s expert help and supervision, of course.) Grab some premade pizza dough (or DIY) and your favorite pizza toppings, and you will essentially just throw it all on the grill for a few minutes. (See below for the full recipe.) The pizza has similarities to that of a wood-fire pizza. And don’t worry about the black grill marks on the crust, it won’t taste burnt! One tip: Go easy on the toppings. We didn’t have any problems because I like a pretty simple pizza anyway, but I can imagine that too many toppings would prove difficult when sliding and removing the pizza on and off the grill. I just know you’re gonna love this recipe!

XO – Courtney


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