Vitamin D-reaming


Ahh the life of the unemployed. Good thing there a plenty of free things to do (& beautiful places to visit) on the West Coast. (Side note—both Zack & I have a few job prospects in the making, so the whole unemployment thing hasn’t been terrible. Plus it gives us time to explore.)

Last weekend we decided to head to the beach and soak up some Vitaman D, so I threw on a long-fringed tee and some cut-offs over my swimsuit for a day of adventure. Lunch on the cliffs of Palos Verdes and hiking around that area, then up to Redondo Beach to lay by the Pacific (we even saw some dolphins right off the shore!).  Please don’t pinch me cuz I’m not ready to wake up from this dream.

 XO – Courtney


top [forever 21] // shorts [forever 21] // shoes [target] // sunnies [h&m]

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