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What better way to celebrate America than with one of the most American foods around? HOT DOGS! Not to mention it’s summer, and, show of hands please, but who is hosting or attending some sort of cookout this weekend? That’s what I thought. And there will most likely be hot dogs on the grill, so it’s time to show off some amazing & delicious buns…hot dog buns.

A few days ago I lunched at the Dog Haus, and my mind was literally blown with the innumerable hot dog creations at this place. Seriously…take a look at their menu and get inspired. From bacon-wrapped to breakfast dogs…they’ve got their bases covered (like the Grand Slam or Little League, for instance #punny). And if you like control, you can even build your own. I’ve already decided that The Cowboy is next on my list to try…unless I decide to make it myself first! But one of my favorite things: they use toasted Hawaiian rolls for the buns. Serious props to whoever came up with that.

So for all of you hosting a cookout this 4th of July weekend, add a few more adventurous toppings to your grocery list, and for those of you attending, bring some unexpected toppings and the host (& everyone else) will be thanking you.

 XO – Courtney

PS ­– Today is also my baby bro’s birthday. He’s turning the big ole’ 22, so I have to give him a shoutout! Happy Birthday, Lukey!



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