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One of my goals this year is to do more DIY projects. I love crafts, but I don’t always have the time (or make the time) for them. Binge-watching Netflix is great, but it’s called multitasking. I’ve also mentioned that I want to start some DIY blog posts (and have done a couple), so I’m officially making it my goal to do at least one DIY project (and post) a month. Some will be simple, some might be more involved. I know I’m not the only one with a Pinterest board full of ideas waiting to be tackled.

Today’s DIY is brought to you by Valentine’s Day. Or more accurately, because Valentine’s Day is this weekend. Zack and I always celebrate in some way, shape, or form. We never do extravagant gifts or anything…but I always have one request (demand): chocolate. Valentine’s is the perfect holiday for DIY gifts. First off all, cards. From the time we can write our names (which may or may not be legible or spelled correctly), we are handing out cards to our classmates. So whether you’re celebrating with an S.O. or your BFF, nothing gets you in the spirit of love like a cheesy (punny) card.

Up next: the simplest (and really darn cute) heart-shaped tea bags. Zack and I don’t do coffee, but we love hot tea. I saw this idea on Pinterest and knew it would be a fun addition to the usual chocolate heart. Also thinking this could be a perfect party (or wedding) favor. Scroll down for the tutorial.

Also probably should have started this post with a spoiler alert cuz these are actual cards for some of my friends so…hopefully you checked your mail? And yes, Zack’s getting the Harry Potter card because A) it’s punny and B) we may or may not have just had a marathon recently. Oh yea, and I told him he’s not allowed to read this blog until Saturday so…no spoilers for him.

XO – Courtney

• Tea
• Coffee Filters or Tea Bags
• Thread
• Needle
• Scissors
• Colored Paper
• Funnel

1. Cut out a heart shaped in the coffee filters for the tea bag. It may be easier to use a piece of paper as a stencil.
2. Sew 2 hearts together, leaving a small opening for the tea to be poured.
3. Use a funnel to fill the tea bag. Sew shut.
4. Cut small hearts out of colored paper to use for the tag. Use thread to attach the tag to the tea bag.
5. Wrap in a cute DIY box.



  1. February 21, 2015 / 2:05 pm

    beyond love your cute little tea bags!!! Great idea. And it opens up so many other ideas…. 4 leaf clovers for st. pattys. etc. etc.

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