Spring Rules

First of all, can we take a moment to give my fiancé a huge high five for landing a job with FOX working on the Deadpool movie (an X-men spin-off)! Proud fiancé moment: Zack has been working SO hard to get to this point…sometimes working for free just to network…and he never gave up, just kept pushing, and he deserves this opportunity so much. I can’t wait to see him kick butt!

Moving on now. It’s officially spring, so it’s time to pack up your winter wardrobe and pull out your warm weather wear (or look at it, hate it, and go shopping). As for me, I hardly touched a sweater all winter, so I’ve been looking at my “spring clothes” for a while now. Translation: I hate everything in my closet (almost). It happens to us all at some point, so a few weeks ago I had myself a rather large closet binge. Then came the fun part: shopping. I’ll skip the play by play of my new finds and just settle with sharing some of my advice with you.
1. When it comes to basics, if you find something you love, buy it in multiple colors (or every color). Case in point: this A-line top from H&M. It comes in a few solids and a few fun prints, and I am now the proud owner of all of them. (Plus, can you beat the price? The answer is no.)
2. Say yes to a few statement pieces. I’m not saying fill your closet with pieces that may or may not be in style next season, but if all you have to choose from are basics, then your closet will probably give you the silent treatment (because it won’t be making a statement. Ba-dum-CH.). Neutrals are a good option here too, because you’ll find you can match them to so much more. One of my favorites that have found their way into my hands (err…feet) are these TOMS booties. Seriously, TOMS has come a long way from their classics and I don’t hate it.
3. Mix prints. Mix textures. Mix prints & textures. Do I need to elaborate?

Until next time.

XO – Courtney

top [h&m] // scarf [loving this one] // pants [the limited] // shoes [TOMS]

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