DIY: The Sleeved Kimono

[continued from DIY: Kimon-oh-yeah]

Let’s get started…


• 1-1.5 yards Fabric
• Scissors
• Needle & Thread OR Sewing Machine
• Pins
• Measuring Tape OR Ruler


1. Fold fabric in half, right sides together, and cut up the center of the top layer only.
2. Measure down 10″ from the side and in 6″. Pin and cut out to create the shape of the sleeve. Do this on both sides.
3. Sew side seams together (where you just cut out the sleeve shape) to create the armholes.
4. Hem the bottom and finish any other raw edges if needed. This depends on the type of fabric you have! I used a knit that won’t unravel, so I just left the edges raw.


Now that you’re a pro, check out the rest of my kimono tutorials and pick your next project! AND you can see more of this kimono in my last post too!

XO – Courtney


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