Tis the Season to be Fall-y

The heat isn’t going anywhere here in SoCal, but that hasn’t stopped me from wearing ankle boots and sipping on pumpkin chai tea. Thankfully Zack and I were able to escape the heat for Labor Day weekend when we drove about 5 hours north to Sunnyvale, CA (for all you Buffy fans it’s Sunnyvale, not Sunnydale so no vampires) to visit some friends who just moved out here from NC. It was a wonderful 70-80 degrees all weekend…with a breeze. We visited a winery, cooked out by the pool (and even got in the hot tub because we actually got COLD), and went whale watching…all of which I will fill you in on in my next post.

Today we’re talking transitional wardrobe: how to dress for the season AND the weather…because they do not always coincide. Skip the furs, fleeces, and flannels…there isn’t enough deodorant in the world to overcome that sweat storm. Ankle boots are your friend. Pair them with a dress (sans tights) or shorts and a lightweight plaid button-down. Scarves are also great because they are removable (maybe you have a cold office but the walk to your car feels like hell). Coming up with ways to mix and match my fall and summer pieces will be my new hobby in the coming weeks which opens up a world of opportunity. Instead of packing away the summer clothes and bringing out the fall gear, I have double the wardrobe to work with. Challenge (but not really a challenge because it’s fun?) accepted.

XO – Courtney

dress // urban outfitters
shoes // target
[photo credit: zack hardy]

2 thoughts on “Tis the Season to be Fall-y

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