Sweet Sixteen

For the past couple years around my birthday, I’ve made a list of my hopes and goals for the upcoming year. But I guess since my birthday falls in January, you can just call these my New Year’s resolutions.

I’m a firm believer in setting goals, so in addition to my “goals for the year,” I also set monthly goals for myself. I find that writing them down really helps me accomplish them, and since I’m a sucker for checklists, I know if I write them in my planner, I’m gonna do everything I can to get them checked off.
Anyway, below I’ve shared the 10 goals I’ve set for 2016. May this post keep me accountable and motivated to accomplish each and every one, and maybe even inspire you to set your own goals if you haven’t already.
1. Get married!
Do I need to elaborate on this one? This isn’t even really a “goal” because in 88 days, it’s happening, but it’s going to be the best and most important event of 2016, so it deserves the number 1 spot.

I was able to do a good bit f traveling in 2015, and I definitely want that to continue this year. No specific trips planned yet, but Zack and I have a list of places we want to visit (both near and far), so I’m thinking we will get some of those crossed off. I would love to do a trip abroad (especially since Zack finally got a passport last year and has yet to get that thing stamped!)
3. Start a family. And by that I mean adopt a kitten.
Only fur babies please!
4. Saying no when I need to.
I actually started “practicing” this last year, but it’s something I want to continue. Why do we feel the need to say yes to everything…or come up with excuses? It’s ok to say no. It’s ok to not want to do something. It’s ok to stay in and relax if your mind & body are telling you too. And it’s ok to be honest about it. Sometimes you just need time to yourself and that’s 100% acceptable.
5. But also knowing when to say yes. 
On the opposite end of the spectrum, it’s also important to know when to say yes. Try something new, support your family and friends, and be adventurous. I read a quote that perfectly sums up why it’s important to know when to say yes: 
“Maybe your friend impulsively suggests a concert, 
or someone’s had a bad day and needs to go for a drink –
whatever the reason, if you feel it would make your or their
night, you should do it. IN the best case scenario,
you’ll get a memory to keep forever;
at worst, at least you tried something new!”
6. Try at least one new thing each month.
To go along with #5, I want to try at least one new thing a month. New recipes, new books, new hikes, new restaurants, new projects, new whatever. Bring it.
7. Planks and push-ups everday.
It’s really sad, guys, but I can’t do push ups. Go ahead and make fun (Zack does). Now, I can do “girl push ups” but Zack says I should be about to do real push ups.  So that’s my goal. Maybe if I start with a few each day (I’m saying 10), ill get there. And why not throw in a few planks too? Because #abgoals
8. Write a business plan. 
“Make 2016 the year you stop thinking about
starting a business and you start taking action –
it’s OK if it’s a small business on the side.
The first step to take is to write a business plan.
Once you get your ideas down on paper,
you’ll be that much more motivated 
to turn those ideas into reality.”
Not sure where I read this, but it is 100% on point. Although I have a few ideas for future ventures that will not kick off in 2016, I do have a smaller business idea that I want to launch after the wedding (you know, when my mind isn’t 100% consumed by that). 
9. Keep friends close.
 The hardest part about moving to California was the distance it put between me and my best friends. Over the past (almost) 2 years, I think we have done a great job of making the long distance thing work, but I’m making it my goal (again) to continue to put in the effort. Phone calls, facetimes, texts, care packages, and of course, planning visits. Those girls (you know who you are!) are too important to lose. 
10. Go to Disneyland!
Last but not least. Believe it or not, I’ve never been to Disneyland or Disneyworld, and this was the only thing I didn’t check off my list last year, so I figure I should probably try and get there in 2016 (especially considering it’s right down the road).
And with that, I’m ready to take on 2016, and what a sweet ’16 it will be. 
XO – Courtney


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