First things first, happy belated birthday to “Forks on the Right!” Feb 1 marked 2 years, and I’m feeling pretty good about that accomplishment. 

On to our next order of business. February 1 also marked 2 months until Zack and I tie the knot!! So excited but also can’t believe it’s so soon. I think it’s really starting to sink in after the week I spent in NC meeting all the vendors face to face and working on some DIY crafts and decor. It was all phone calls and emails up until last week. Not to mention, I was able to celebrate one of my best friends and bridesmaid’s weddings while in town.  Attending (well…especially being a bridesmaid) a wedding so close to our wedding date definitely turned up the excitement level.
But let’s rewind to the beginning of my trip back east shall we? Winter Storm Jonas tried to keep me from making it to NC, but I was not having it.
8:00pm the night before I’m supposed to leave for Raleigh: flight from LAX to RDU cancelled. Next flight out? Not until Sunday night unless I wanted to fly into Washington DC and drive to Raleigh from there. (I’m still not sure how that flight wasn’t cancelled yet since the storm was already hitting there). And so my breakdown began. My bridal shower AND birthday were Saturday, so I was DETERMINED to get home. After calling my parents in tears because I was just so sad, I found a last minute flight with Southwest to Charleston, SC and my dad was going to pick me up there.
So Friday morning my adventure began. I was the first to board the plane and get my wedding dress stowed safely thanks to the amazing woman from Southwest who upgraded me to priority boarding for free (probably didn’t hurt that I used the “bride” thing to my advantage). It also got me free margarita on the flight. I was bringing my wedding dress to NC for bridal portraits (which were rescheduled until I go back in March thanks to the weather), and was a little worried about getting it on the plane and storing in safely but Southwest went above and beyond to help me. And then we were off. LAX to Portland to Chicago to Charleston, and I never even got off the plane. Landed in Charleston, SC at 11:40pm, hopped in the car with my Dad, and 6 hours later we were pulling up to my house in Wake Forest.
What I way to start my 26th year. It was a long, exhausting, stressful day, but I made it…and even though it involved me lying about my wedding date and making sure I kept my stories straight all day…it gave me a good story (which is, believe it or not, way more involved than what I shared here).
My week in NC flew by, but it was productive, busy, and most importantly fun. My matron & maid of honor, Katie & Brittany, threw me the most perfect bridal shower Saturday afternoon with family and friends (who braved the snow and ice to celebrate with me, and I am so appreciative!). And if that wasn’t enough of a celebration, a few of the girls and I went out to grab some mexican food and margaritas for dinner.
The rest of the week was a balancing act between friends, family, and wedding related meetings. Met my day-of coordinator, toured my venue and developed a floor plan, met with the caterer, photographer, and bartender, attended a cupcake tasting, and had my wedding hair trial. And in between all that it was dinner with friends and family and running to Michael’s about 10 times to buy craft supplies for some wedding DIYs. My week ended by celebrating the marriage of one my best friends, Megan May (now Mrs. Knox). It was a beautiful wedding, and she was one of THE most beautiful brides I’ve ever seen. Actual, both her and the groom literally looked like they belonged in a magazine. Or on Pinterest (which is the highest of complements).
Unfortunatley, I got a cold the day I was headed back to LA, and it has NOT been fun to combat a cold AND jet lag. But I’m pushing through this week because there’s a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks and months, and I will be sharing it all with you along the way!
XO – Courtney
PS — Please forgive me if there are fewer post than normal over the next few months. I want to soak in these last few weeks of engagement and wedding  planning…well…soak it in AND be consumed with all the last minute details 🙂

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