Tiers of Joy


When you turn a dress into a top, and it matches your lipstick AND your earrings (perfectly, I might add), you may do a little happy dance. I know I did when I threw this outfit together. Nothing like a bold + bright look to put a little confidence in your step. 

This tiered dress is such a versatile piece (and if you’re not looking for something so bright, it does come in a black + white option). Wear it as a dress, a top, or even unbutton it all the way and wear it as a duster or beach cover up. My favorite pieces are the ones that can be repurposed into multiple styles.
Now let’s talk about these earrings. I’m really into statement earrings right now and have been looking for a pair of red fringe earrings for a while. When I saw these guys, I had to have them. These will add the perfect pop to any outfit. . .and when paired with this lipstick, you’ve got yourself a killer combo, in my opinion.
Do you have any pieces in you wardrobe that you love to repurpose? A favorite statement earring find (cuz you know I’m looking for more)? Share them with me in the comments!
XO – Courtney










dress // whowhatwear

shorts // zara

shoes // target

sunnies // h&m

earrings // aldo

lipstick // NYX Fiery





25 thoughts on “Tiers of Joy

  1. Sparkyjen

    WOW! This outfit is sending out an Asian vibe. Were you going for that, ’cause it works. Your earrings and lipstick [I’m big on lipstick] bring it all together, and when you flash some skin, the shorts make a nice entrance too. OK. Alright. Celebration on!!!


  2. media222blog

    Wow! I love your style and fashion. You inspired me to become more fashionable in my everyday life. I also like what you are doing because fashion and bologging are your passion and your doing together it at the same time. I like it!

    Liked by 1 person

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