What Athens in Greece: Your Athens Travel Guide


I’ve always been a little bit of a nerd for Greek + Roman culture so visiting Italy + Greece have always been on my travel bucket list. I’ve traveled all over Italy but had never been to Greece, so I was SO excited when one of my friends Megan, who was coming out to visit me in Budapest, suggested a little trip to Athens.

I honestly cant explain HOW amazing the trip was. I think we both fell in love with Athens almost immediately. The views, the history, the food. So much goodness.

Buckle your seatbelts because this post is going to be jam-packed wtih everything you NEED to do on your trip.











If you ever have the chance to visit, I hope you love it as much as I did. I absolutely cant wait to visit again (especially to do some Greek island hopping). If you’ve ever been to Athens (or anywhere in Greece), what were your thoughts? And if you haven’t, have you started planning your trip yet??

XO – Courtney

PS – Zack + I have just under 3 months left in our time abroad, and I’m cramming in a few more trips, so be sure to follow along on my Instagram if you want to keep up with my daily adventures. This weekend: Berlin, Germany!

Restaurant Links:
A is for Athens // Point A // Zorbas
Kosmikon Restaurant // Chandelier Plaka  
Cafe Plaka // The Pie Shop

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