A Weekend in Berlin


When Zack got an unexpected long weekend off work, we decided to take advantage of that and plan a last minute trip to Berlin, Germany. Why Berlin? Why not! The price was right, we had never been, and so many people were telling us how cool the city is.

Berlin is like no place I’ve ever been. There’s so much history, yet many areas feel very modern. The city has such a cool vibe, and it’s hard to put a finger on what that means exactly, but you feel it as soon as you start walking around.

Whether you’re planning a quick stop or an extended stay, here’s a few of my recommendations for things to see, foods + restaurants to try, and some helpful tips.














We arrived Saturday morning and left Monday morning, so the trip was brief, but we managed to squeeze so much in and somehow come home feeling so relaxed + refreshed! Of course there’s even more that we didn’t see (for next time!), but I wouldn’t change a thing about our visit! I’d love to go back. . .or even visit other cities in Germany as well.

If you’ve ever been to Berlin, what did you love most? Or what other cities in Germany would you recommend?

XO – Courtney

Restaurant Links:
Amplemann Restaurant // Prater Beer Garden
Cocolo Ramen // Steel Vintage Bike Cafés

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