A Whiter Smile From the Comforts of Home

Today I’m talking about something we all have in common: our smiles. (And how we can make them whiter and brighter.)
I’m an avid tea drinker, so my teeth definitely suffer from some staining. I do have good dental hygiene though – I’m one of those weirdos who actually enjoys flossing – so while that definitely helps, I tend to use a whitening treating at least once a year.
I’ve used strips in the past which are a great quick fix and are budget friendly, BUT they don’t fit your teeth perfectly and can cause sensitivity.
When Smile Brilliant reached out and told me about their whitening system, I was definitely interested in trying it out. Smile Brilliant offers an at home whitening treatment using custom trays, whitening gel, and a desensitizing gel.
To start, you will receive everything you need to create your custom trays. Once your trays are ready, you will send them back and wait for your impressions to be made. Then the whitening process begins.
It can take anywhere from 7-14 days to achieve your desired results. A desensitizing gel is also provided which makes a world of difference if you are prone to sensitivity when whitening your teeth. The entire process is so easy, and clear instructions are provided for each step.
A few tips:
  • Whiten in the evening if possible. It’s best to abstain from eating or drinking anything for as long as possible after treatment, so if you can whiten right before bed, that’s one of the best times!
  • Use the desensitizing gel to avoid major sensitivity!
  • You can whiten for 45 minutes up to 3 hours, but start small and build up to the max.
After my treatment, I can definitely tell that my teeth are brighter and most of the stains are gone completely! Being able to use a professional whitening service at home was so easy and convenient. You can check out my before and after photos below.
I’ve also teamed up with Smile a Brilliant to give away one of their custom-fitted teeth whitening treatments (valued at $149). CLICK HERE TO ENTER! Plus you can get 15% off storewide with code partyhardyblog15.
XO – Courtney

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