Trends We Love To Hate [But Mostly Love]

1 - trends we love to hate

Let’s talk about controversial fashion trends. You know – the ones that you look at and say “I would NEVER wear that.” And then one day your wearing “that” item, and you don’t know how you lived without it.
Dad shoes, belt bags (aka fanny packs), biker shorts, scrunchies . . .

We’ve all been there. Or maybe it’s just me. But that’s what I’m talking about today.
4 - trends we love to hate
Let’s start of with the jeans – perhaps the least controversial. Boyfriend/looser fitting jeans are definitely taking over this season, but these jeans are EXTRA slouchy and I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT. So much so that I bought them in 3 different washes. Essentially feels like you’re wearing sweatpants but you’re not.

5 - trends we love to hate

Up next – the shoes. The squared-toed shoe takeover has begun. Like – they are kinda ugly but kinda not? I’m more into the square-toed, strappy heel look at the moment, but check back in with me because I feel an obsession starting. . .
Moving on.

3 - trends we love to hate

Dare I even mention the bucket hat? When they started popping up a few seasons back I definitely said “Nope, never”. . . but I’ve learned I need to stop saying things like this because some things just grow on you (looking at you, dad shoes. . .).

2 - trends we love to hate

So the takeaway: Never say never when it comes to fashion.
Would love to hear your thoughts on these new and perhaps even controversial trends! Comment below.
XO – Courtney

jeans // zara
top // target
shoes // zara
hat // zara
watch // jord
necklace // mango

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