I Do Part Two

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Today marks 2 months of marriage, so it seems appropriate to share all the little details + DIYs from our wedding. The designer in me wanted to create every little detail imaginable  for the wedding, but I knew realistically this was not possible (and would make it 1000 times more stressful), so I had to carefully pick and choose what I’d DIY and what I’d leave to the professionals. Read More


2015: Good Times, Good Eats, Good Outfits

In just a few short hours, 2015 will come to a close. Like every year, there are ups and downs, but I’ve got to say, this year was a good one. I have so many things to look forward to in the new year (for one…my wedding!), but it is nice to look back at the year and reflect on all the good times, good eats, and even the good outfits ;)…okay and looking back at the bad things and hard times is good too. Painful maybe, but looking back you can see how you overcame all those challenges.

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DIY: Cup of Cheer

Are you done with all your holiday shopping yet? I finished last week, and it feels great. I love shopping at Christmas time, but going to the mall this time of year is a huge hassle, and the closer it gets to Christmas, the crazier it becomes.

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DIY: Tassel Keychain


Ready to make the easiest stocking stuffer ever? Keep on reading to learn how you can make these tassel keychains. And if you’re not looking to make a keychain, these tassels could add some flair to a bag or even make cute Christmas ornaments. Get creative! 

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