Weather the Weather


Spring is finally here in Budapest, and I’m so glad because the few weeks of winter I actually had to endure were enough for this California girl! But spring brings a myriad of things: warm days + cooler days,  warm days with cooler nights, sunshine + rain. . .and then you have to dress for the ever changing season.  Read More


Visit Prague? Czech


Zack had a four day weekend for Easter (which also happened to fall on April Fools Day AND our two year wedding anniversary), and our friend Alex was visiting from Los Angeles, so we decided to take advantage of the long weekend and take a train from Budapest to Prague.

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Put a Ring on it


Currently obsessed with the metal ring details that are popping up on purses right now. Actually, my obsession started last year with the larger tan tote (as seen here), and as you can see, it’s continued to grow. Read More

Hello, Budapest


Hello, Budapest (correctly pronounced Boo-da-PESHT)! We arrived last week, on the first day of spring, no less, but it felt more like the first day of winter with temperatures in the 30s. And for Zack + I, it basically was since our winter in Los Angeles is when the thermometer hits 60. Read More

Plane + Simple


Preparing for a trip, no matter how long or short, requires some degree of preparation. And since I’m fresh off a 10.5 hour flight + a 2 hour layover + another 2.5 flight,  I though I’d share some of my own travel tips that will get you through those long (and short) flights.  Read More