Culver Hotel


Another date night, another new restaurant. Zack works about a block away from the Culver Hotel and has been wanting to take me to their restaurant for about a year now, but for one reason or another we just haven’t made it there. . .until last Sunday. Read More


Frosé Lemonade


Whether it’s the weekend or a weeknight (or day, no judgment), sometimes you just need to sit back, cocktail in hand, and chill. And with hot summer days, a frozen drink is the perfect companion to chill with. Which brings me to today’s drink recipe: Frosé Lemonade.

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Date night is a great excuse to try a new restaurant, so a couple weekends ago Zack and I decided to try out Taste on Melrose. We went early so we could order off the happy hour menu. . .happy hour prices are the perfect excuse to try more from the menu! Read More

Pop + Circumstance


Margaritas are probably my all time favorite cocktail. BUT there’s also nothing like popping open a bottle of bubbly either. What if I told you there was a drink that combined the two?  Read More



So I’m starting something a little new on the blog today . . . restaurant reviews! Zack + I love trying new + fun restaurants and ordering all the food + drinks, so I thought, why not start sharing them with you? Read More