Cheers to Chareau

Courtney Hardy-Chareau 5

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I ate, drank, and shopped way too much. And that probably won’t be changing over the next month.  Read More




After one of our favorite Mexican restaurants recently closed, Zack + I were on a mission to find a replacement. We were more than successful when we stumbled upon Salazar located in Frogtown. Read More

Pop + Circumstance


Margaritas are probably my all time favorite cocktail. BUT there’s also nothing like popping open a bottle of bubbly either. What if I told you there was a drink that combined the two?  Read More

#HARDYSONHOLIDAY: Eating Across Europe


As promised, today I’m sharing about all the food we ate during our honeymoon. And, boy, did we eat. I mean, seeing all the sights was of course incredible, but there’s nothing like a good meal to make a great day even BETTER.

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New Year Cheer


We’re over a week into 2017, and Zack and I have been busy as ever. Between getting ready for our honeymoon (NEXT WEEK!!), busy work schedules, and giving the apartment a good clean for the new year, we’ve both found a new favorite drink to unwind with: Cranberry Moscow Mule. Read More