Plane + Simple


Preparing for a trip, no matter how long or short, requires some degree of preparation. And since I’m fresh off a 10.5 hour flight + a 2 hour layover + another 2.5 flight,  I though I’d share some of my own travel tips that will get you through those long (and short) flights.  Read More


Weekend Chill


Did you know you can drive about 30-45 minutes away from Los Angeles and find yourself in a winter wonderland? Last weekend, a few of us took a little Sunday drive to play in the snow. Read More

28 + Feeling Great


I finished out my 27th year (and kicked off my 28th) with a little staycation, and it felt so great to have 4 days full of family, fun, and food. Read More

Oh Hi, Ojai


Our apartment has been undergoing some pretty big renovations, so Zack and I were looking to escape all the dust and chaos. We hopped in the car and made our way up to Ojai (and there may or may not have been some Christmas music playing on the radio). Read More