Into the Idyllwild


What do you do when it’s been over 100 degrees for a week, there’s a wildfire practically burning in your backyard, and you’ve got a long weekend to kill? You drive somewhere far away with much cooler temperatures. So for Labor Day weekend, Zack and I took a little day trip up to Idyllwild where we found perfect fall weather (70s + breezy!), beautiful scenery, and the most eclectic little mountain town. Read More


Sand + Castles


Convincing my husband to go to the beach is never an easy task (he’s not a fan of the sun, the sand, or the salt. . .in other words: everything), but for July 4th weekend, we didn’t have any plans and I was itching to go someplace new, so I somehow persuaded him to head down to Laguna Beach with me for the day. Read More

Santa Barbara


Memorial Day Weekend feels like it was ages ago, and I don’t know about you but I’m already anticipating the next long weekend (16 days in case you were wondering). Even though Memorial Day has passed, today I’m sharing how Zack and I spent one day of our long weekend with a road trip up to Santa Barbara. Read More

#HARDYSONHOLIDAY: Eating Across Europe


As promised, today I’m sharing about all the food we ate during our honeymoon. And, boy, did we eat. I mean, seeing all the sights was of course incredible, but there’s nothing like a good meal to make a great day even BETTER.

Read More



I’ve told you about our travels in London and Rome, but today I’m covering our day trip to FLORENCE. I studied abroad here in the summer of 2010, and I was so excited to be returning! Read More