Fools in Love

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Today, Zack + I are celebrating ONE YEAR of marriage!

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Today marks TEN years since Zack and I started dating and what a decade it’s been. Every year has been better than the last, with 2016 easily taking the top spot (hello, marriage). We have our ups and downs like any couple, but I love this man more than anything. There’s nothing better than taking on life (and all it’s crazy adventures) with my best friend by my side. Here’s to a decade of love, laughter, and everything in between. Read More

I Do Part Two

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Today marks 2 months of marriage, so it seems appropriate to share all the little details + DIYs from our wedding. The designer in me wanted to create every little detail imaginable  for the wedding, but I knew realistically this was not possible (and would make it 1000 times more stressful), so I had to carefully pick and choose what I’d DIY and what I’d leave to the professionals. Read More

I Do


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A wonderful thing happened this week. Between a chaotic week at work and being up to my nose in boxes at my apartment (#movingproblems), it was a much welcomed surprise to open my email and see those three little words: “your wedding photos.” Read More


First things first, happy belated birthday to “Forks on the Right!” Feb 1 marked 2 years, and I’m feeling pretty good about that accomplishment. 

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